We're on a Mission to Find a General Counsel for Every Company ... Including Yours

What Do We Do?

  • We're a niche legal recruiter that connects great companies like yours with the best and most experienced General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel

  • You pay a flat monthly rate for a 6-month "trial period" with your new GC or AGC — ensuring a good match and significantly reducing employment risk

Why Do We Do It?

  • Because your company deserves the same benefits that the largest companies get from GCs and AGCs (big companies do 75% of their legal work in-house — for good reason)

  • Because there is a huge untapped resource of deeply experienced in-house lawyers — who are ready, willing and able to transform your company's legal operations

Why Should You Work With Us?

  • Because only experienced GCs and AGCs are experts in stopping legal "sparks" from becoming expensive "fires" — law firms are set up to fight fires, not prevent them

  • Because your executive team needs to focus on making money — not on hiring, firing and managing outside lawyers — a job executives are not trained for and don't enjoy

How Are We Different?

  • We are the only legal recruiter with exclusive access to a community of over 30,000 deeply experienced GCs and AGCs, through our parent company In The House 

  • Only GCnow's community-based approach creates true strategic partnerships with both clients and attorneys — we reject the fleeting, transactional approach of most recruiters

Our Story

After more than 20 years as an intellectual property attorney, litigator, big firm partner and general counsel, GCnow's founder saw an opportunity to bring together a world-class team of in-house legal experts who stand ready to optimize your company's legal affairs — for a fixed monthly fee. 

GCnow's parent company In The House — the #1 private network for in-house counsel, with thousands of highly qualified GCs and AGCs — provides us with exclusive access to deeply qualified in-house legal experts in every specialty area and every geography.


In The House — the #1 network for in-house counsel — has been serving the legal community for over 6 years.

Do you work as in-house attorney or support our mission of empowering in-house counsel to succeed?  If so, you are invited to join our community today — membership is just a few dollars per month

Find Your GC Now In 3 Easy Steps

GCnow was founded by a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned lawyer so we know how important it is for startups and mid-sized companies to act efficiently and decisively — including when selecting the best GC or AGC for your business.

We designed a streamlined 3-step process to onboard your new GC or AGC ... now.

Step 1:  Book a free video consultation to discuss your business  and legal needs.

Step 2:  Tap our network of 26,000+ experienced in-house attorneys through In The House.

Step 3:   Interview our hand-selected GCnow candidates. 


Step 1

Free Video Consultation

Step 2

Tap Network of 30,000+ In-House Counsel

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Step 3

Interview and Onboard Your GCnow Attorney


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